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tyler oakley tyleroakley
  • Thu, 12:34: @koreykuhl I think we've officially made it: http://t.co/tdA4AZe5
  • Thu, 12:52: Madonna is the Greatest... at dropping this week from Billboard #10 to Billboard #39. #oops #whatever #ilikethesong #butstill
  • Thu, 16:41: For Lent, I gave up sexual innuendos, but it's hard. So hard.
  • Thu, 16:54: Chris Brown stole a woman's iPhone outside of a club last night. I'm starting to think God is just trolling us so hard right now.
  • Thu, 18:41: BREAKING: Maryland Senate PASSES Gay Marriage! Whether you want it or not, marriage equality is coming!
  • Thu, 18:43: It's AMAZING to be working in the movement while all of this is happening. We're in the middle of CIVIL RIGHTS HISTORY in the making!
  • Thu, 18:47: You know what they say: If you don't like same-sex marriage, then don't marry someone of the same sex. Also, go fuck yourself.
  • Thu, 20:17: I'm sitting front-row-center when I see "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" in theaters. I like things as literal as possible.
  • Thu, 22:19: Be you: http://t.co/odDahbNw (via @mallow610)
  • Fri, 00:31: My greatest fear is when straight guys try to give me the bro-handshake thing. I just... I can't. I simply can't.
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